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Art of Lace!
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Inspiration from nature, geometric structures, or exotic ethnic art… Lace designers bring art to life in lace.
【The content is reproduced from our fabric supplier GAYOU lace. 】
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The content is reproduced from our fabric supplier GAYOU lace. 

The Artists

Inspiration from nature, geometric structures, or exotic ethnic art… Lace designers bring art to life in lace.

The Architects

More art than it looks, our drafters craft delicate flowers and dramatic visual effects with heavy machines, metal bars, fine needles and a myriad of yarns and fibres.

The Mechanics

Tending the needs of these gentle giants, our mechanics keep our wonderful German knitting machines well oiled, finely tuned and running smoothly.

The Machinists

Bringing metal to life, our knitting operators bring together machines, yarn, and design drafts to coax the magic of lace from every needle.

The Warpers & Spoolers
The best yarns are all warped and spooled in-house to ensure the knitted quality and aesthetic detail of every meter of lace.

The Colour Masters
Our chefs in the colour kitchen divine colour recipes from an alchemists treasure. Under the watchful eye of our Master Dyer, the knitted greige is scoured, cleansed, stretched and set, then doused with vibrant colour. The finishing touch softens for a gentle feel on the body.

The Perfectionists

Guarding ours and our customers quality standards, our team of specialists measure before we start, measure as we go, and measure and check at each step along the way…100%.

The Technicians

The science of lace is brought to bear in our accredited testing laboratories. Performance, Safety, function and form all come under their watchful eyes.

The Cutters

Clippers and cutters touch every meter of lace, as we split and separate down to galloons, trims and slings. The detail of each elegant picot revealed under their deft touch.

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