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#WeiyesiConcepts# Braless? Underwire or wirefree?
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Summer is here!!!

Rihanna once told Vogue:

'' If I’m wearing a top, I don’t wear a bra.
 If I’m wearing a bra, I just wear a bra.


Many girls take off their bra at the first time after they get home from work, and many do not wear bra in winter -- to make themselves more comfortable. And some girls are very bold in choosing ‘braless’ in the summer. After all, in hot summer days, the less cloth is, the cooler it will be. Moreover, braless is a fashionable attitude to get rid of the restraint and please yourself.

So, should girls wear bras in hot summer? What kind of bra should I wear? Underwire or wireless?

Wearing underwear is a very personal thing.
Whether you wear a bra or not depends on your inner comfort. Braless is a kind of self-confidence and self-love, is the self acceptance of the body.

However, the choice of braless is completely based on the premise of "satisfied with your body" and "not afraid of other people's judgements". It depends on your inner and physical comfort. If you try to go out braless and feel uncomfortable, you don't have to chase the beauty that is not suitable for you. You should choose bras with comfort and appearance that just meets your needs.


In the same way, whether you choose underwire bras or wireless bras, you should first follow the needs of your heart and body.

Underwire  VS  Wirefree

In recent years, wirefree/wireless bra has become more and more popular. For the younger generation of women, comfort is no longer just an option, but a prerequisite - girls will not wear uncomfortable underwear at all.

Girls' love for corsets, high-heeled shoes and heavy make-up seems to be fading away, replaced by comfortable bralette, loose suit coat, wide leg jeans, easy to wear flat shoes…

Girls no longer pursue the male aesthetic point of view, but advocate healthy and natural figure.

What should be emphasized here is: there is no scientific evidence to show that underwire bra will cause female breast cancer or breast hyperplasia. In this era, we pursue health and self-confidence, and we no longer need to squeeze out cleavage to make ourselves sexy. However, we should not overcorrect and completely eliminate the advantages of underwire bras.

The original intention and mission of modern bra is to "liberate the chest", help women free from the shackles of classical corset and complicated clothing, and pursue women's freedom of dressing and care for their own body and mind. The invention of the underwire bra has greatly improved the support and decoration function of modern bra. Especially for women with larger breasts, the underwire bra has better support and protection effect on the chest, and making the chest more shaped.

However, for girls who are particularly thin, underwire bra may make them uncomfortable. Choosing the wrong bra cup shape and size can also lead to discomfort.

In contrast, the wireless bra will be more casual and free. They are generally supported by elastic fabrics, and the fault tolerance of cups and sizes is higher than underwire bras.

Generally speaking:
Girls with small breasts are more suitable for wearing wireless bras than girls with large breasts;

Girls in puberty are more suitable for wearing wireless bras;

Moulded wireless bra has better supporting force and protection than wireless bras without mould;

The modification function of the wireless bra is not as good as that of the underwire bra.

If you have more thoughts on this topic, please leave us a message.  Any point of view is welcome.

If you have more thoughts on this topic, please leave us a message.  Any point of view is welcome.
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