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Like a hug of clouds! For your boobs!
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Use your imagination, how comfortable can a good-looking bra be?

#Weiyesi Concepts#

In your mind, what should an independent woman look like?
In many of the facial descriptions of women, independence always means wearing hard armor with thorns.
But in our opinion, women's independence is beautiful and worth pursuing.
We think it points not to be tough but to be soft, not to be lonely but to be intimate.
Whether it is personality or clothing, the softest quality can give us the most powerful comfort.

This season, we have developed this super soft cloud cotton bra series.
Air grade materials give us a wonderful experience like being kissed by clouds.
It's soft and intimate.
It can lift you up but doesn't cause any discomfort.

#Introducing The New Cloud-sponge Bra styles by POLLOMA#

★  Ultrra Soft as a cloud.

★  Lighter than ordinary sponge bra with the same thickness.

★  Breathable! Even the thickened one is very breathable, due to its excellent air&water permeability and moisture absorption.

★  Good shaping function and double resilience.

A CloudSponge moulded bra is super soft like the clouds, that's where the name comes from.
In addition, it has excellent performance - double rebound, super moisture absorption and permeability.
The same thickness of the mold cup, cloud cotton is not only softer than ordinary sponge, but also more breathable!
You no longer need to choose between lifting cups and comfort.


Introducing three new models of CloudSponge moulded bra
from Polloma

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Bra style: Push up
Support style: Underwire
Thickness of the cup: Thick(Up to 2cm)
Breast type: All breast shapes and especially smaller breast sizes or drooping breasts because of the lifting and shaping function.
When to wear it: Everyday

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