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Intimate Trend Talk- 01: Comfort Comes First
Source: | Author:Weiyesi fashion observer- Matha | Publish time: 2020-09-14 | 93 Views | Share:
Intimate Trend Insight

The True Value of Trends Insight is Knowing When and How to Apply It


Editor’s Note: This post is part of our Weiyesi Concepts Series, a column highlighting the innovative thinking and thought whicih guide the design of our new products every season.. If you like this article and this video, you’ll LOVE the products of Weiyesi. Click here to learn more.

Hi, everybody! I'm Matha, a fashion observer from Weiyesi lingerie.

My job is to study and observe what is happening in the global lingerie market, and the trends of body fashion industry, so as to offer trend insight and business strategies for our team and our clients.

This year, due to the global epidemic and lockdown, we can not get together for face-to-face communication, so I would like to share with you my observation and understanding of lingerie trends by recording videos.


Today we are going to talk about a major trend in underwear and lingerie design, Comfort comes first, which is also one of the two design themes of Weiyesi's new collection this autumn and winter.


Play password: weiyesi   |   Language: Chinese; Subtitle: English

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