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Weiyesi New In | Spring Comes With Its Flowers...
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And my little fortune today comes from this floral lace bra!


Spring 2021 · New Series Of FlowersAndPlants Theme





'Flowers and plants' are the classic elements of lingerie design, but classic does not mean unchangeable.



On the one hand, we never give up looking for inspiration from nature, because in the increasingly fast pace of urban life, the nature, garden and a touch of green in a corner of our lives can always bring us physical and mental healing effect.



On the other hand, we are trying to find some unique changes and new ideas in the application of natural, plant and flower elements every season, break the old style rules, and explore unusual expression methods and color matching.




We work a lot with the organic patterns, and try to expand the scope of flower elements. In addition to flowers and petals, we also add the shapes and veins of plant roots, vines and leaves, and make them have a bit graphical touch and apply the colors of seasons from nature.


In this edition, we will introduce the new products in this season inspired by the flower elements. Let's take a look at the novelty and uniqueness of flower elements on lingerie.


My Rose Garden


Fr: Vivez, si m’en croyez, n’attendez à demain: Cueillez dès aujourd’hui les roses de la vie. Pierre de Ronsard

En: Love your life, believe me, don't wait until tomorrow, just pick the rose of your life today!

Middle: Weiyesi#A8076
Right: Weiyesi#A8077


With vivid graphic effects and contrasts of light and shade, the organic changes can be seen.

The use of pure color makes the Rose products less colorful, more elegant and restrained, and also improves the wearability and makes it easier to wear.


Camellia In Full Bloom



I love camellia, blossom full and long and fall restrained. They have a long flowering period and are full of vitality, symbolizing innocence, purity and rational love.



Make the bottom cloth with flat Tulle lace and embroider with flower type. Exquisite lines combine with 3D effects.


Embroidery Innovation: Inspired by the traditional woodcarving technique in the East, the main part of the flower is hollowed out while the rest is relatively raised.


Valley Lily in Spring


The lily is pure in color, graceful in posture, and exudes a faint fragrance. It is known as "Fairy in Clouds ". Lilies are a symbol of purity and elegance, and in China, they have a good wish of a harmonious union lasting a hundred years.


Technological Innovation: The new technique of hollow positioning pattern embroidery is applied to make the fabric feel smoother and softer, greatly improving the wearing experience of the embroidered bra, while the exquisite and three-dimensional effect of embroidery is retained visually.


Wildflowers in Spring


The most touching thing about those little wildflowers is their exuberant vitality, which is not comparable to that of other flowers. No matter how the environment changes, as long as spring comes, they will bloom again!


They are fresher and more energetic in appearance.

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