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「Weiyesi Basic 2021」Is There A More Personalized Choice For Girls' Essential T-Shirt Bra?
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Introducing the new basic smooth T-shirt bras of Weiyesi SS21 to you!
As simple and versatile as before, but more stylish and comfortable!
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Is There A More Personalized Choice For Girls' Essential T-Shirt Bra?






Read the trend: Why is the focus of women's consumption going back to basics today?



In the post-epidemic era, the impact of the global epidemic is still obvious, and many areas are still under quarantine. Even in the areas where the epidemic has been alleviated and controlled, people's lifestyles and living habits have changed dramatically compared with those before the outbreak of the epidemic -- most people continue to live a home-based lifestyle. More and more young people are working at home, exercising, cooking, growing plants, and socializing on their phones (TikTok, Instagram, etc.). People began to return to a slow life, more time, more limited use of resources, prompting people to think about their own real essential needs and the meaning of life, but also more reflection on our relationship with nature. The excessive demand for nature is questioned and stopped. Correspondingly, fast fashion, which causes great damage to the environment and wastes resources, is no longer popular. On the contrary, people advocate the concept of less and better consumption.




Weiyesi Basic -- Redefine The Basics Of Underwear

Weiyesi Basic系列,重新定义内衣基本款


-- New bottom line, new aesthetic, new basics!



The same: Wear one as many!

Because of extreme simplicity, the basic is versatile, which can be combined with different styles of clothes and ornaments to meet the needs of multi-scene wearing;



The difference is:

Based on the designer's understanding and insight of the new lifestyle, Weiyesi basics are re-designed to make women’s life more convenient and improve the quality of their lives. In terms of practical wearability, aesthetic styling and body sense comfort, the bottom line of "basic" is improved in an all-round way!


Weiyesi Basic Spring/Summer 2021

The new basic smooth T-shirt bras

More stylish appearance and color design 

The addition of letter LOGO and geometric elements makes the bra set more fashionable, energetic and light.


Wear One As Many:  It's more than just a T-shirt bra!


Using traceless mesh or geometric lace to increase the bra's coverage and support stability can make the bra fit for more wear occasions including leisure sports.


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