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Weiyesi New Plus-Size Bra Sets In Early Autumn
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Comfortable, Inclusive And Sexy!
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2021A/W - New Series Of Plus Size ()

2021秋冬 大码内衣新品特辑(一)



Comfort Is Necessary.


A woman's underwear is about self-care. It should first and foremost make the wearer feel happy, safe and cared for. For bras and underwear, comfort is necessary.



  • Light & Soft  轻盈,柔软  

On the basis of providing enough support, the new plus-size range is lighter and softer than ever.


Weiyesi AIR Tech 3D Vertical Cotton Cup#5992

When to wear it:

This is a type of bra that’s all about comfort. It’s invisible with ultrasoft 3D vertical cotton cup so as to create a smooth silhouette under your tees, and comfortable enough to wear all day long.

Breast Type:

All breast shapes, C+ cup sizes.


  • Better Coverage And A Perfect Fit   包容,贴合

Gentle touch is a relaxing companion. Good coverage will drive away your inner uneasiness and let you enjoy the peaceful time at the moment.



Weiyesi #2158 C CloudSponge Moulded Cup

When to wear it:

Comfortable enough to wear all day long. 

Breast Type:

All breast shapes, C+ cup sizes.



Every Woman Is Born Sexy.


Every body is sexy, regardless of size. But in the past, too many plus-size bras focused on the basic performance of stable support, ignoring aesthetic and sexy attributes, and even sacrificing comfort, making the wearer neither comfortable nor confident.


 WEIYESI's large cup series is full of fashionable and youthful style. We use the most novel lace and simple modern silhouette to pursue the aesthetic feeling of modern femininity in appearance, and use lightweight elastic mesh and ergonomic design to achieve better inclusion and fitting, so as to meet the needs of contemporary women in more diversified life scenes.





The High-waisted Brief, A Sizeable Trend


 As part of everyday underwear, high-waisted briefs aren't all old-school grandma panties or traditional shapewear, but they can also be elegant with a simpler, modern design. High-waisted pants can be both comfortable and sexy with geometric cuts, soft mesh and hollow out details.



The soft elastic fabric wraps the abdomen, which is not only a woman's self-care and self-protection, but also can achieve light shape function.


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