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#Trends | Unique Tailoring Innovation Of Underwear (I)
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The unique tailoring design gives a underwear a different style and temperament.


Unique Tailoring Innovation Of Underwear


Lingerie is a fashion item with both functional and fashion attributes. Unique tailoring is the window of lingerie design, which gives a lingerie different style and temperament.


1.    Layering And Two-piece Design 层叠与两件式设计

The two-piece and “false two” design enriches the layering feeling of underwear.

The double-layer splicing or folding design integrates the texture and style of different fabrics, which has a great sense of design and can also increase the inclusiveness of underwear.



Double rows of shoulder straps are also one of the highlights of underwear design.


2.       Strapping Design 绑带设计

Elastic bands, straps and hollowed out design are used in the side wing, making the lingerie more edgy and sexy. Straps feature bordering on bondage can be used to the shoulder, side wing, front and back, striking a balance between femininity and aggression.


3.       Partial Hollowing 局部挖空

Partial hollow-out cutting details reshaping basic style, catch the eyes, and show the visual experience of youthful and sexy integration.


4.       Fishbone Line Shaping 鱼骨线塑形

Architectural fishbone structure applied to lingerie can create a three-dimensional and geometric aesthetic visual effect. The new technology brings fishbone materials that are three-dimensional, supportive and soft to the touch, creating a graceful figure on the basis of comfort.


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